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14 May 2019

Eyebrow Transplant – Permanent eyebrow transplantation with FUE technique

“Thin eyebrow” can be caused by hormone disorders such as hypothyroidism (Hertoghe Sign) and is a common problem in Asian people.

“Eyebrow Transplantation” for thicker eyebrow involves removing follicular graft units from the back of the head and each hair strand is carefully implanted back into the skin.

One graft usually contains about 1-5 hair strands and our natural eyebrow consists of multiple single hair strand. Therefore, only the grafts containing one hair strand are selected and the grafts that contain more than one hair strands will be separated into a single hair strand before implanting into the recipient sites.

Each hair follicle is carefully implanted back one at a time under the same angle and direction as the existing eyebrow hairs for natural look. In addition to preparing the grafts with a single hair strand, the direction and angulation of the hairs must be the same as the existing eyebrow hairs of the customer. Therefore, eyebrow transplantation is one of the most challenging and delicate procedures.

During the first week after eyebrow transplantation, you may experience shock loss as in hair transplantation. This period is called the shock loss period in which the eyebrow hairs may fall out. You don’t have to worry because the hair follicles have already planted on the scalp. The eyebrow hairs will naturally regrow over time. This process is similar to planting the balled & burlapped dug trees. At the beginning, the leaves fall out but its roots are still alive and the leaves will regrow overtime.

After the eyebrow transplantation, the transplanted eyebrow hairs must be trimmed for 2-3 times to stop them from growing too bushy because the donor hairs are extracted from the scalp. Overtime, the eyebrow hairs will grow slower and eventually have the desired length.


1. Only local anesthesia injection is used before starting the procedure.

2. Grafts are excised from the back of the head using the “robotic arms”. Using the robotic arms during the excision reduces the transplantation time. The faster we remove and implant the grafts, the higher survival rate is.

3. After the strong and healthy grafts are selected and classified, the obtained grafts are then implanted at the specified area by considering the spontaneity of the original hairline of the customer. The whole process takes about 6-8 hours depending on the estimated number of the grafts. The customer can take a break for water and snacks without worry.

ปลูกคิ้วถาวร, ปลูกคิ้ว, คิ้วหนา, คิ้วบาง, สักคิ้ว, BEQ Clinic

ปลูกคิ้วถาวร, ปลูกคิ้ว, คิ้วหนา, คิ้วบาง, สักคิ้ว, BEQ Clinic

ปลูกคิ้วถาวร, ปลูกคิ้ว, คิ้วหนา, คิ้วบาง, สักคิ้ว, BEQ Clinic

For the customers who want to have moustache, beard or sideburns for the piercing look, this can be done using the DHI FUE technique from the USA by carefully implanted the grafts with single strand at the different angle and direction for natural results.

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